Our Committees

It takes a bit of organising.

Meet our global team of advisors, organisers and volunteers who’ve helped make this year’s conference possible.

Organising Committee

A/Prof Mark King (Chair)

Dr Natalie Watson-Brown (Deputy Chair)

Mr Levi Anderson

Ms Janelle Andrews

A/Prof Lyndel Bates

Ms Jenny Branch-Allan

Dr Judy Fleiter

Ms Emma Jensson (ACRS)

Dr Ingrid Johnston (ACRS)

Mr Simon Kirkpatrick

Mr Darren Mulholland

Mr Michael Nieuwesteeg

Prof Andry Rakotonirainy

Ms Susan Teerds

Dr Shamsunnahar Yasmin

Scientific sub-committee

A/Prof Lyndel Bates (Chair)

Dr Verity Truelove (Deputy Chair)

Dr Vanessa Cattermole-Terzic

Prof Raphael Grzebieta

Prof Narelle Haworth

Mr Craig Hoey

Dr Marilyn Johnson

Ms Emma Jensson (ACRS)

Dr Ingrid Johnston (ACRS)

Dr Sherrie-Anne Kaye

A/Prof Gregoire Larue

Dr Mario Mongiardini

Dr Prasannah Prabhakharan

Dr Amir Sobhani

Dr Kayla Stefanidis

Ms Susan Teerds

Mr Joel Tucker

Dr Shane Turner


19 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2023

Join Australasia's leading road safety and injury prevention researchers, practitioners and policy makers online.
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