Frequently Asked Questions

How is ARSC 2021 different from previous conferences?

ARSC 2021 will be a virtual event to accommodate delegates from anywhere in the world.  This format will bring together road safety stakeholders and decision-makers from Australasia and international jurisdictions to facilitate collaboration and information sharing in a way that has not previously been possible.

Why is ARSC 2021 going virtual?

The decision for ARSC 2021 to be presented completely virtually was made due to the changing COVID-19 restrictions.

The ARSC 2021 Organising Committee had been developing a hybrid conference to accommodate the  ongoing travel related restrictions due to the pandemic however the continued and increasing restrictions have meant that going totally virtual is the right choice. Making ARSC 2021 more accessible helps the conference achieve its underlying mission to facilitate the transfer of knowledge across all sectors, upgrading skills and building road safety capacity and to increase diversity and inclusion across all sectors and communities.

What will Virtual attendance look like?

You can find a clear description of each type of registration type and its benefits here.

I registered as a Face-to-Face delegate. What happens to my registration now that the event is virtual?

If you have registered to attend ARSC 2021 in person you will receive an email explaining the changes. Your registration will be changed to a virtual registration and any difference in registration fees will be refunded to you in the coming days.  You can read more about registration terms and conditions here.

What measures are in place to keep ARSC 2021 safe?

The decision to move ARSC 2021 to a virtual format means that everyone can participate safely.

As a virtual delegate would I be able to ask questions or participate in discussions?

Yes, during the scheduled times most authors will be available to answer questions and address comments.

Will all sessions be available on-demand?

Yes, all sessions will be available on-demand to face-to-face and virtual delegates for 6 months from the conclusion of ARSC 2021.

What time zones will be used?

The schedules for ARSC 2021 will refer to Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) (UTC +10:00). Delegates are urged to join the sessions when they are broadcast live. However, delegates who are unable to join the virtual session when they are scheduled will be able to access the session on-demand.


28-30 SEPTEMBER 2022

Join Australasia's leading road safety and injury prevention researchers, practitioners and policy makers online.
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