2021 – Towards Zero – A Fresh Approach

Saving lives together.

With a theme of “Towards Zero – A Fresh Approach”, this Conference was a multi-disciplinary event featuring representatives from all facets of road and transport safety including research, teaching, practice and policy.

The three-day conference included over 150 presentations including oral, poster, keynote and panel presentations, whilst an additional 15 symposium/workshop sessions contributed to this stand-out program. A rigorous peer-review process by the Conference Scientific Committee meant that delegates received the ‘best of the best’ papers including research outcomes, policing programs, methodologies, policies, practical programs. You can view the conference proceedings here.

2021 Australasian Road Safety Conference Logo

ARSC 2021 Welcome Video

2021 Speakers

Mr Martin Small

Australasian College of Road Safety

Dr Raphael Grzebieta

Transport & Road Safety Research Centre

Dr Soames Job

Global Road Safety Solutions

Ms Maria Fernanda Rodriguez

Fundacion Gonzalo Rodriguez


Ms Gabby O’Neill

Office of Road Safety

Ms Samantha Cockfield

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Mr Michael Nieuwesteeg



Ms Carla Hoorweg

ANCAP Safety


Mr Paul Harrison

New Zealand Transport Agency


Mr Daniel Brain

Toll Group

Dr Nhan Trann

World Health Organisation


Assoc. Prof. Sharon Newnam



Mr Jerome Carslake

National Road Safety Partnership Program

Professor Paul Salmon

University of the Sunshine Coast

Dr Mike Lenné

Seeing Machines


Dr Brett Hughes



Dr Bud Zaouk

Kea Technologies and DADSS


Dr Marilyn Johnson

 Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University


Ms Maree Bridger

ANCAP Safety



Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Public Transport

Early Career Professionals Pre-Conference Event

The Australian Road Safety Conference – Early Career Professionals event brought together individuals who are just starting our their careers in road and transport safety and connected them with a number of experienced road safety individuals.

This year we had an interactive online session with three guest speakers interspersed with a road and transport safety trivia.

Dr. Tana Tan & Kenn Beer from Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd hosted the event, and the four guest speakers were Paulette Ziekemijjer and David Young from Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Andrew Hardwick from Hard Edge & Re:act and Amanda Stephens from Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC).

Young Professionals Event

Australasian College of Road Safety Awards

The ACRS Fellowship Award was presented to Peter Frazer.

The 3M-ACRS Diamond Road Safety Award was presented to Road Safety in Your Workplace, developed by Transport for NSW.

The ACRS Young Leaders Oration Award was presented to Dr Tana Tan.

ARSC 2021 Conference Awards

The Conference Awards were presented to:

Peter Vulcan Award for Best Research Submission Winner: Max Cameron, Monash University Accident Research Centre
For the submission Increasing the effectiveness of mobile speed cameras on rural roads in Victoria based on crash reductions from operations in Queensland.
Sponsored by Transurban.

Best Road Safety Practitioners Submission Winner: Roisin Sweeney
For the submission: Development of a truck driver public health project: mental and physical safety (MaPS) on our roads.
Sponsored by Transurban.

People’s Choice Poster Award Winner: Richard Cohen, Marissa Hor, Warren Taylor
For the poster submission: The next frontier: Road safety in the workplace.

Best New Researcher Submission Winner: Laura Mills, University of the Sunshine Coast
For the submission: Twelve years of roadside drug testing in Queensland: the extent and nature of recidivism.
Sponsored by Transurban.

Best Submission by a New Practitioner Award Winner: Jay Baththana
For the submission: Using community feedback to complement road safety risk metrics.
Sponsored by Transurban.

Conference Theme Submission Award Winner: Robbie Napper
For the submission: Design, the Law and Lego: an interdisciplinary approach to road safety.
Sponsored by Transurban.

Best Paper with Implications for Improving Workplace Road Safety Award Winner: Daniel Brain
For the submission: Consignors of import containers play a critical role in preventing heavy vehicle rollover, but they’re often unaware of their role.
Special mention: Roisin Sweeney, for the submission: Development of a truck driver public health project: mental and physical safety (MaPS) on our roads.
Sponsored by NRSPP.

Victoria Police Award Winner: Jenny Felsch
For the submission: Caravan Safety Awareness Project in northern NSW.
Sponsored by Victoria Police.

Tasmanian Road Safety Advisory Council Award Winner: Danilo Messias
For the submission: Developing a marketing strategy to increase Victorians’ vehicle safety awareness and influence purchase decisions.
Sponsored by the Tasmanian Road Safety Council (RSAC).

Best Road Safety Poster Award Winner: Fritha Argus, Main Roads WA
For the submission: Using road inventory data to produce AusRAP star ratings.
Sponsored by Transurban

Organising Committee

Dr Jeff Poter (NTC) - Co-Chair

Mr Chris Brennan - Co-Chair

Mrs Amy Roberts (PEC)

Dr Ashim Debnath (Deakin)

Mr Blair Turner (ARRB)

Ms Chris Harrison (RTSSV)

Mr Craig Hoey (State Growth)

Mr Darren Neagle (Transport for NSW)

Mr Michael Nieuwesteeg (Austroads)

Ms Dreena Lawrence-Gray (RoadSafe South East)

Ms Elle Lazar (RACV)

A/Prof Jeremy Woolley (CASR)

Ms Kathryn Collier (METEC)

Ms Kelly Imberger (DoT)

Mr Kenn Beer (Safe System Solutions)

Ms Mandi Mees (NTC)

Dr Marilyn Johnson (Monash)

Prof Raphael Grzebieta (UNSW)

Dr Ray Shuey

Dr Rebecca Brookland (Otago)

Ms Samantha Buckis (TAC)

Mrs Shanna Sheldrick (PEC)

Ms Sharon Newnam (Monash)

Mr Shaun Lennard (Shaun Lennard Consulting)

Dr Sjaan Koppel (MUARC)

Mr Paul Durdin (Abley)

Dr Ingrid Johnston (ACRS)

Dr Matthew Baldock (CASR)

Mr Martin Small (ACRS)

Professor Max Cameron (Monash)

Dr Tana Tan

Ms Wendy Taylor

Ms Zora Marko (ELAA)

Scientific Committee

Dr Marilyn Johnson (AGF & Monash) – Chair

Professor Raphael Grzebieta (Peer Review Manager)

Mr Christopher-Bree Nyko (TAC)

Mr Craig Hoey (State Growth)

Ms Maddie Lambert (TAC)

Ms Eve Mitsopoulos-Rubens (TAC)

Dr Shane Turner (Abley Ltd)

Dr Sjaan Koppel (MUARC)

Ms Samantha Buckis (TAC)

Ms Sharon Newnam (MUARC)

Ms Wendy Taylor

Ms Kelly Imberger (DoT)

Dr Ashim Debnath

Mr Paul Mihailidis (Trafficworks)

Mr Havez Alavi (Road Solutions)

Mr Peter Cairney (ARRB)

Mr Ben Beck (Monash)

Sponsorship Sub-Committee

Mr John Thompson

Ms Elle Lazar (RACV)

Mr Shaun Lennard (SL Consulting) – Chair

International Sub-Committee

Dr Ray Shuey – Chair

Dr Lori Mooren (Safety and Communications Pty Ltd)

Mr Martin Small

Ms Chika Sakashita

Dr Judy Fleiter

Dr Ashim Debnath

Dr Mark King (CARRS-Q)

Mr Peter Cairney (ARRB)

Dr Tana Tan

Ms Victoria Pyta (DoT)

Mr Andrew Hardwick (Hard Edge)

Social Sub-Committee

Ms Kathryn Collier (METEC) – Chair

Ms Chris Harrison (RTSSV)

Ms Eva Jaworski (TAC)

Ms Samantha Buckis (TAC)

Mr Shaun Lennard (SL Consulting)

Ms Dreena Lawrence-Gray (RoadSafe South East)


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