Field Trips

Field Trips

Tuesday 27 September and Thursday 29 September

These 90-minute guided trips, included in a full registration fee, will showcase some of the safety related works recently undertaken in the Christchurch area and other treatments of interest. Choose to take part in one of the three options on Tuesday, 27 September from 3:00pm to 4:30pm, Thursday 29 September from 1:30pm to 3:00pm or you could do a different one on both days.

Book your preference when you register, but be aware that numbers are limited for all trips.

Bus Trip

Take in a circuit heading to the northeast of the city and then up to the town of Kaiapoi before returning to town via the new Northern Corridor motorway. Features include grade separated interchanges, safety barrier treatments, speed limit changes, main street rebuilds, protected intersection turns, and local area traffic management.

Cycling/e-scooter Trip

(e-bikes and e-scooters supplied) Riders will follow a circuit encompassing three Major Cycle Routes from the central city west towards Upper Riccarton, up to the University of Canterbury and then back into town. Features include protected cycleways, custom cycle signals and crossings, modal filters, and neighbourhood greenways.

Walking Trip

Explore central Christchurch on foot, visiting various street treatments and reconstructions undertaken in the post-quake rebuild. Features include 30km/h speed zones, shared spaces, separated cycleways, turn protection at intersections and countdown signals.


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