Australasian Road Safety Conference

LMIC Mentors

We are seeking volunteers to offer paper-writing guidance for road safety professionals in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

The feedback we received from the ARSC2019 LMIC Scholarship awardees was that this assistance could help boost the number of papers accepted from LMIC authors. They advised us that early notification about available mentors, their areas of expertise, languages and cultural knowledge would be very helpful.


Above: 2019 LMIC Scholarship Winners Sumana Narayanan, Le Nguyen, Christine Anne Paguirigan, Monjurul Hoque Mohammod Arif Uddin & Ali Zayerzadeh with Dr Ray Shuey, Hon Llew O’brien, Mr Martin Small and Dr Lori Mooren


Note that acting as a mentor does not preclude your ability to be a reviewer or editor for Conference or Journal papers. However, you may not mentor and review the same papers.

If you are interested in becoming a LMIC Mentor, please provide your details on the form here:

Background Information

ARSC2019 LMIC Scholarship Report