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Visiting Melbourne’s iconic sports mecca…


Nothing can match the tradition and heritage of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Explore the inner sanctum of the MCG, walk on the hallowed arena and experience where legends play by taking a guided MCG tour!


Gain an insight into Melbourne’s sporting culture while exploring one of the world’s most iconic stadiums, as you hear from our proud MCC volunteers and go behind the scenes of the ‘G.

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Tour the city the traditionally Melbourne way by tram, from Lygon Street to St Kilda, hopping on and off as you wish…

Melbourne’s 96 Tram

Escape the daily grind and reconnect with Melbourne. Let the 96 tram guide you around the city, as you curate your own fun-filled itinerary. Hop on and head north, to immerse yourself in the arty scene of Melbourne’s creative inner-neighbourhoods. Or, travel southside to relax into the beachy-bohemian vibe of St Kilda. Pick and mix from award-winning bars, new restaurants and exclusive events as you traverse the Free Tram Zone of the CBD. The 96 tram is your ticket to the best that Melbourne has to offer this autumn.


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If its retail therapy you’re after…

Bourke Street Mall

Take a deep breath and dive into the bustling hive of commerce that is the Bourke Street Mall, emerging hours later, arms laden with shopping bags, ears reverberating with the sounds of the street’s lively buskers.


Melbourne’s retail heart links Swanston and Elizabeth streets and is only open to trams and pedestrians. Listen out for the bells of approaching trams as you drift between department stores and the flagships of fashion retailers.


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Ticking off the iconic landmarks of Melbourne…

Queen Victoria Markets

Officially opened on 20 March 1878, the Market has been serving the people of Melbourne for more than 140 years. The Market has seen many transformations and has recently been added to the National Heritage List, recognising the significant place it holds in Australian history as our nation’s most iconic fresh produce market.


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Fancy creative modern art and a good laugh…


Welcome to Australia’s first immersive, ‘trick-art’ gallery! Priceless photos. Unbelievable scenarios. The gallery first opened at The District in 2016. The first of its kind, it is a self-guided gallery suitable for all ages, groups small or large with visitors taking hundreds of photographs with family and friends, memories that will last a lifetime. Just take a look at the ArtVo Instagram page @artvo_melbourne, not short of inspiration for your next visit. And there’s a new theme – Fantasy – spanning the entire course of the gallery. The Fantasy theme will see people explore the ocean, polar ice caps, space and the forest. Plus, the dreamscape art will see some very exciting interactive experiences.


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The Melbourne Dandenong Ranges were recently touched by the Summer 2019/20 fires. Show your support by hiring a car and visiting the area and planning a day trip just 1hour from the CBD.

Dandenong Ranges

People, places, stories – we bring the Dandenong Ranges to life for you with blogs that capture the heart of this remarkable destination. Find Your Self in a heritage garden, inspired by a recipe featuring local produce or learning the secret locations that offer the best views, or the foodie experience that you will never forget.


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